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Calling all PARENTS.


It takes a lot of hard work to run an athletic program at a high school. There are so many small moving parts that are required to move the ship forward.

To that end, we’re hoping that each parent will take on at least one small task/role (and hopefully some bigger tasks/roles) each season in order to make our program successful.

Here are some of our more pressing needs/roles at present:

  • Fundraising Team

  • Currently, our account is in the red. We need to right this immediately and push forward to have a large pool of funds for Coach Kelley to run the program effectively.

  • Ideally, we can put together a group of 6-8 parents to form a committee goaled to increase the FHS Lacrosse activities account balance.

  • Parent makeup should be: 1-2 Senior Parents, 1-2 Junior Parents, 1-2 Sophomore Parents, 1-2 Freshman Parents.

  • Finance Team

  • We need a two “CFO”s to help create a budget, gather reports, and track item purchases.

  • This role will also interface with the Fundraising Committee

  • Parent makeup should be: 1 Junior Parent, 1 Freshman Parent.

  • Gear Team

  • We need a few parents to help organize gear purchases and distribution.

  • Parent makeup should be: 1 Senior Parent, 1 Junior Parent, 1 Sophomore Parent, 1 Freshman Parent.

  • Project Manager

  • If any parent has a background in project management, Coach Kelley needs your help to create a task tracking and project system.

  • Parent makeup can be drawn from any level. It is anticipated this will be a one year task.

  • “Chief Operating Officer”

  • We need one parent to help Coach Kelley organize the entire program. This parent should have a fair amount of free time available, be willing to support the entire program, have an optimistic attitude and have very good attention to detail.

To view the full list of anticipated roles, please CLICK HERE to see where you can help. Feel free to place your name on the contact list as either a primary or secondary contact for each role. In addition, you can reach out to Coach Kelley directly to let him know where you can help/want to help at

Please note that there are 2 tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.


Your FHS Lacrosse Coaching Staff

“Unity Over Self”

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