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We need GOALIES.

Players and Parents,

Right now, we have three experienced goalies in our FHS lacrosse program - Cooper Ross, who is a senior, Ben Kellond, who is a junior, and Robbie Annear, who is a freshman. We had one additional freshman goalie, but he transferred to Monarch at the end of August.

In order to be able to field the appropriate number of teams, we need to have at least 4 goalies in the program with a maximum of 6. We have 3, so we need 1-3 more.

To get to the magic number of 4 goalies, here’s what needs to happen:

  • 1-2 existing underclassmen (freshman, sophomore, junior) players who might be passionate (or “brave,” pick your word) enough to give it a try will need to convert to goalie.

  • 1-2 players who have never played the sport (and who are athletic) will need to be recruited and convinced to try out the goalie position.

  • Or...any combination of the above two bullet points.

I’m glad that we’ve learned of this issue now (instead of right before the season), so we can work on a remedy. However, I cannot stress how important this is, as failure to have enough goalies can absolutely cripple a program.

Please help me find some goalies as soon as possible. Good goalies will have the following traits: Fearlessness, focus, athleticism, confidence.

What I can promise to the players who decide to give it a go:

  • Immediate Playing Time - becoming a Goalie will almost certainly earn you near full-time playing time...simply by electing that role.

  • Individualized Instruction - we have three (yes, 3) goalie coaches who are highly skilled at transferring/imparting their knowledge of the position and the game.

  • Pride - it takes a lot of guts to step between the pipes and, while respect is earned, just signing up for this role will place you on a new level with your peers.


  • Instruction needs to start right away. We will begin with Tuesday and Saturday afternoons. More details are available directly.

Please have any interested potential goalie contact Coach Kelley directly at

Your FHS Coaching Staff

“Unity Over Self”

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