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One of the EASIEST ways to support your team!

Just a reminder to please refill & use your FV LAX King Sooper’s Grocery Card!

Don’t have a card and feeling left out? Don’t have time to volunteer to help the Fairview Lacrosse Team and want to do something to contribute that requires almost no time at all?

Get your Fairview Lacrosse King Sooper’s Grocery Card today!

It’s so simple! Parents generated $500 for our team in both November & December by just shopping for their family’s groceries as they normally do! You can also use the card at King Sooper’s gas stations.

If you do not have a card, here is what to do: Email Shelley Tidd at She will have you mail $5 to her for each card and she will take care of the rest. You will receive them in the mail with the $5 on each card.

  • You may get more than one card for additional family members. It’s nice to have them for your high school kiddos. Many of our kids buy lunch at King Sooper’s by Fairview. Just refill their cards & they don’t have to carry cash for lunch!

You can refill the card while you are checking out. It takes 30 seconds! Just tell them at the register you would like to refill your KS Grocery Card prior to them starting your grocery check out. You can put the refill $ amount on your credit card, write a check or pay cash. There is no delay in the funds populating your KS card when refilling at check-out. If you refill at Customer Service there is usually a 20 minute delay until the registers recognizes the refill $ amount so refill at the register when you check out!

Once refilled, you just swipe the card to pay for groceries or gas and refill again as needed. 5% of all you spend goes to Fairview Lacrosse. It all adds up very quickly and benefits our kids and the Fairview Lacrosse Program.

Don’t forget! You can also use your FV LAX King Soopers Card at City Market! When you go to Dillon, Breckenridge, Steamboat, Moab, Buena Vista….Use that card! No matter where you are, 5% of your expenditures go to Fairview Lacrosse!

Thank you all for your continued support of Fairview Lacrosse

Your FHS Lacrosse Coaching Staff and Parent Volunteer Team

“Unity Over Self”

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