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It's that time again.

Hello FHS LAX Families & Players,

Our biggest fundraiser of the year is starting this coming Monday, February 1st and sales will continue until our “Blitz Day” on February 10th. Some of you love it, some of you hate it but we have to do this fundraiser to help pay for the many FV LAX program expenses not covered by BVSD. It will also allow us to keep all 4 levels of lacrosse teams so we are developing a solid program that encourages new players as well as supporting experienced players at Fairview.

All 2016 FV LAX players are expected to participate in this fundraiser as part of the team. The players will be on teams lead by a Coach & a Senior or Junior player. There will be 10 teams. Our goal is for everyone to sell 30 boxes of Cookie Dough. There are all kinds of prizes (cash, apparel, etc.) so the players have an opportunity to put some cash in their own pockets and win some apparel if they sell their boxes first, sell the most personally or as part of their assigned team! Details will be shared at the Kick Off Meeting Feb 1st. Here are the pertinent dates for this Fundraiser:

Fairview Lacrosse Cookie Dough Fundraiser Update 2016 - Dates




All Players & Assigned Coaches – Cookie Dough Sales Kick Off Meeting – Fairview Cafeteria




Cookie Dough Sales Check In #1 – Report your boxes sold to your team Coach! Just before conditioning – In Conditioning Room




Cookie Dough Blitz – All Players & Assigned Coaches. Sell with your team for 1.5 hours & then turn in all money/sales sheets/wrap up fundraiser. Prizes awarded! Fairview Science Lecture Hall (Parent Teacher Conf night so we can’t use Cafeteria) No Conditioning Practice tonight!




All Players must pick up & delivery their cookie dough this day! NO EXCEPTIONS! We have no place to store the cookie dough at school. Fairview Turf Field prior to 5:00pm tentative Practice. Will have truck pull up & park by turf field. Will distribute from truck/grass area by turf field.

Here is a list of some of the expenses our cookie dough sales will fund this year, as you can see most of these items are not “nice to have items” they are items required for our teams:

  • BVSD Bus/Transportation costs to & from games for all levels of teams. We have more games than ever this year & BVSD budget for FV LAX transportation is short several thousand $’s. We have to pay for the deficit or take games away.

  • Additional Practice Balls & supplies like first aid kids

  • Scholarships for kids who need help with gear & apparel

  • Professional video taping of our games so our players & coaches can review, learn from the game film & use for our players interested in playing college lacrosse

  • Coaching apparel for all 22 of our coaches for our 4 teams so our coaches who volunteer so much of their personal time to our kids look professional & are wearing Fairview LAX branded apparel and don’t have to pay for themselves

  • Additional Practice Balls & supplies like first aid kids

  • Folding Portable Tables/Chairs for our Team Managers/Scorekeepers so they don’t have to sit on the ground to keep score

We are asking parents to help us! Please make sure your player is at Fairview in the Cafeteria on Monday February 1st at 5:15pm for the Kick off Meetings and that you nudge your player to sell his Cookie Dough to support their team. Also, please review the dates in the chart above and remind your player to show up for check in dates, final sales “Blitz Day” and the mandatory “Cookie Dough Delivery Date” February 17th at 3:30pm. It is crucial that everyone participate in this fundraiser who plans to play Spring 2016 Lacrosse for Fairview.

Thank you again for your continued support of FHS Lacrosse.

Your FHS Lacrosse Coaching Staff and Parent Volunteer Team

“Unity Over Self”

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